MassaddCF (by

Price : 5$
Duration : 30 days
Machines : 1
Price : 15$
Duration : 180 days
Machines : 2
Price : 25$
Duration : 360 days
Machines : 2
Massadd CF script for mass adding of subdomains and aliases to Cloudflare service.
All subdomains added by the script will work through the proxy service.
Wherever you host your subdomains, they will show the IP address of the Cloudflare service.
Before using the script you need to register an account and register Your main domain on the NS service.
Write aliases line by line in a text file (UTF-8).
Prepare an empty text file for script operation report records (UTF-8).
In the script, specify the username and password of your Cloudflare account and the path to the prepared text files.
Set the required number of records. Run the script.
The script can work through a proxy.