BrowserAutomationStudio (by bablosoft)

Price : Free

Stop paying to developers! With BrowserAutomationStudio you can create rich and powerfull network applications with no coding skills!

See following picture for explanation:

How it works:


  • Absolutely 100% Free.
  • Can create standalone bots in two clicks.
  • Well documented.
  • No coding skills required! Code in visual constructor.
  • Easy and powerful multithreading.
  • Supports socks and http proxies.
  • IPv6 proxies.
  • Captcha services integration including ReCaptcha 2.0.
  • Email module. Search in mailbox.
  • 100% browser emulation with chrome.
  • Native mouse click and move. Native keyboard emulation.
  • Special keys emulation: <Tab>, <Ctrl>, etc.
  • Disabled ip tracking through WebRTC.
  • Very fast http client(up to 2000 threads).
  • User interface constructor.
  • Load data from file/url/string. Delete lines, mix.
  • Random string generator(tags).
  • Works with database. Powerful database editor.
  • Regular expressions.
  • Ability to write your own actions in javascript.
  • Supports flash(can be disabled).
  • Custom css, xpath queries.
  • Developer tools integration.
  • Network filters and cache captures.
  • Autoupdater.


Want to see BAS in action?

Take a look at this video. How to create multithreaded image uploader in 1 minute 30 seconds.





Follow this link to download it for free.


Read manual and learn how to use it.


Join community and get help.


Experiment with source.


Sell your script.